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Drop a Synthetic Tube into your amp's preamp position and get a BLAST!

Now available in limited quantities from Fratus-Amplification.com!

The Synthetic Tube Module

You can have the tube sound without the tube problems!

And, you can buy them right from this page...

You can have the tube sound without the tube problems!
And more gain with the HiGain version!

Synthetic Tubes

What is it?

The Synthetic Tube Module is an engineered product that duplicates the response of the best audio tubes available. Because it is engineered, it can be made to have any sound profile you can describe: bright, crystaline, dark, mid-rangy, boomy, bassy, etc. If you have a special need, contact me and we can make a custom device for you.
The modules are made to replace the first and second preamp tubes, usually labeled "V1" and "V2" in most amps. These are important positions responsible for some of the sound of an amp. If the tubes in that position are not optimum, the amp can sound thin and weak, or lack bottom end. If these tubes are too low in gain, the amp will never be able to drive the output hard enough for that great "tube amp" sound!
It replaces 12AX7, ECC83, ECC803, 7025, and probably 6H1N, 6N1P, 6DJ8, 6922, ECC88, 7308, 6N1PVI, 6N1PEV, 6H1n, 6H1nBN, 6H1nEB, 6N1 and their equivalents.
If there are any questions as to whether you can use this in your amp, please contact me with the make and model, and I will make sure it will work.

What does it sound like?

Reports have been that, in an A/B switched test with identical amps, it sounds like the best NOS tubes.

Scott Sevall of Dead Horse writes ... I used the synthetic tube in Ft. Worth, sounds great. Scott Sevall of the band Dead Horse

Here's an actual conversation between Scott and Interviewer about these devices in action:

from the desktop of   

What other qualities does it have?

It produces virtually no heat. It is low-noise, and of course is not microphonic. It is not a vacuum tube, but its characteristic curve is like a vacuum tube. No modification of the amp is needed.

Why did you make it?

Like everybody else, I get bad tubes sometimes. If I want them fully tested, the price can go over $45 for each tube, and that is still no guarantee that they will be what I want in a preamp tube: low noise, low microphonics, and at least standard gain.

Why should anybody want it?

If you have a problem with microphonics in your preamp tubes, or too much noise or hiss, or low gain from your tubes, you may want to try one.
As a friend of mine said, "You can have the tube sound without the tube problems!"

I routinely come across tubes in old amps that are the original tubes. Preamp tubes made back then DO last a LONG time. The tubes made these days are not so good, in my experience. I often have to replace tubes that are less than ten years old because they die, get microphonic, or get noisy! So the claim that these will reduce the need to replace preamp tubes can be made with some qualifications if you have commonly-available preamp tubes.


Since these are solid-state devices, they could be affected by voltage spikes on the guitar amp inputs. Lightning strikes would not be good for them. Severe static electricity could hurt them, and you.
It is strictly a first- or second-preamp tube module, usually labeled as V1 and sometimes V2. Other positions are possible, but I need to tell you that if the current draw is too much, my module will fail.
The module is not appropriate for the phase inverter position in most amps. If you have a question as to whether these would work in a certain amp, give me a call.
One thing I found recently is that some amps put the filaments in series, so if you pull the tube out that you want to replace, and none of the other tubes will light up until you put a tube back in that spot, then you can't use these as they are now.


I am aware of some previous attempts at a similar product. Almost all the previous designs were less than open in discussing their technology, but I see what they were doing. I don't want to reveal the innermost secrets of my designs, either. I'd rather not release my "secret formula" to the public and the competition. But I am confident that these are better than any others ever on the market for the price.
But I think you will like what you hear.

Price depends on the model. Modules are guaranteed for 6 months unless they are opened or abused (which will be determined when I examine them). If a module fails in normal use, I will replace it free. If they don't work in your application and I said that they would, I will refund your purchase price when the module is returned.
You will not believe how good these sound... In normal amp preamp positions, they sound every bit as good as the best NOS tubes!
This module is designed for use in the normal Class-A stages of most first tube preamp stages. If there is any doubt as to whether they will work in your application, please call with your amp's make and model number and I will look it up.
This will not work for the Phase Inverter or Cathode Follower in most amps, as that requires more current capability. I have another Synthetic Tube Module for that usage in the testing stage. It will be released for production soon. Synthetic Tubes

New Models Available!

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